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Apta Furniture was established as a brand under CV. Surya Cipta Karya.

Apta means genius, it contains our hope that our product will be known as a design genius/genius product. We Build Apta with integrity to earn the trust of customers, and we also build accountability as our passion so that we can continue to innovate and keep learning.

We have shipped over 5000 products to Brooklyn USA since 2015 and thousands more locally and to other countries. Quality is our priority, it is our ideology. This industry is always challenging which makes Us continue to make improvements as evidenced by our creativity and flexibility. To compete today we believe to stand by the values that allow us to get repeat customers and more. Our company Grows with people, to build society, giving more opportunities and delivering our value as a company to people in society.

We offer you to enjoy our products and prove the genius of APTA

Great Indonesian Furniture.

Designed, manufactured here, love everywhere.

Proudly supporting local manufacturers.

For more than 10 years, we have focused on creating the best Indonesian-made furniture we can.

Not only the products we deliver to our customers, product safety, consulting assistance, quality monitoring and control, continuous service, of course, we can also deliver wherever you are.

Our products are sent from Jepara, Central Java, to all regions of Indonesia and also shipping to all over the world.


In order to ascertain what trends are in the market now to what trends will be in the market, we research customer interests and needs



We define our designs to meet your needs and complement your interior.



Make your designs come true by producing furniture by a professional team, we ensure the highest quality products for you.



Delivery of our products to customers

Making furniture according to our wishes. Of the designs our customers want to create a product that is specifically just for your room.

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Proper measuring is essential for smooth delivery and setup of your furniture.